Band :
Title : Savikalpa Samadhi [EP]
Release Date : August 12, 2015
Label :
Catalog ref. : CLEP#002



The Cymatic Lab records presents the first solo work of the Brazilian project Dubianchi (AKA Marcelo Fakri). The EP Savikalpa Samadhi reveals a unique and psychedelic result developed with mantric and hypnotic repetitions mixing sound aspects of different musical styles.

In 1968, when the spacecraft Apollo 8 was orbiting around the moon, one of the astronauts who filmed the moment turned the camera to the window and, for the first time, philosophers and astronomers were able to observe our entire planet from a distance so great.

Facing such a profound experience, which exceeds the expectations of all of them, the sight made the astronauts forget the moon and remain into a meditative state of contemplation and introspection. They all saw how much our planet and the life are fragile and are part of a much larger universal ecosystem than one could imagine. Soon, they realized that all that exists in the world and all the species that we live together are part of something much greater than their own egos.

The moment reported above is described in ancient literature as Savikalpa Samadhi, which means “total abandonment of the ego for general contemplation of the universe as a Unified Being.”

“Nothing made more sense to me – Dubianchi – than give this name to EP. It was designed and produced during a long period of my life, in constant learning and evolution, both musical and spiritual. And for the first time, I see a complete work of mine as a whole, amidst a Sound Universe, and the feeling could not be better. Savikalpa Samadhi “


Immersive Art Experience